Creativity loves clarity.

They’re like two long lost lovebirds and when hey finallymeet, fireworks happen. (Fireworks means profit.) And wouldn’t you know it, I’m here to matchmake.


Oh hi there, I’m Victoria. I’m an expert at flipping the bird to everything that is confusing you about your clients and your industry. And you and me? We’re gonna get serious and we’re gonna have fun. Yes, both.

I’ll use my prowess get to the grit of:

  • who your clients actually are
  • what they really want
  • and how the heck you are going to provide that in ways only you can.

Because once you do that, the benefits come tumbling out.

You’ll have…

  • Profit without the pain. That’s right: you’ll start marketing mindfully, your schedule will be smarter, and your bottom line will be booming.
  • Clients that become groupies. What’s that roar you hear? It’s the sound of your happy customers telling all of their friends about you and your services. And those friends becoming customers and telling their friends. Do you see where this is going?
  • A work-life of adventure. And a life-life of adventure. As you get into your rhythm, you’ll be blown away by the new ideas and risks that you start to take; professionally and personally.

So, what’s my big, fancy, juicy, money-making, tangible, you-need-this-now skill?

I’m glad you asked.

I use research (with real humans!) and strategy to discover the perfect client for you and then break down

  1. everything you need to know about them (demographics, psychology, pain points, desires, favorite cocktail), and
  2. how exactly you are going to model your products and services so that they speak to precisely what they want/need/crave.


And now? You can use this priceless clarity to be more creative, make more money, and have more fun.

Much more money, much more fun.

Bottom line: I believe business should be exciting
and that there are new ideas that have not yet been done.

Do you? Let’s talk.

Professional stuff:

in 4 words: organized, analytical, strategic, innovative.

other notable tidbits:

  • I believe that the two things that matter most in business are 1. getting shit done, and 2. having fun while doing it.
  • When I say I’m big on research and strategy, I’m not just throwing out buzzwords. I’ll talk to anyone and everyone for real, actionable answers.
  • My first job was as a strategic planner for Homeland Security in DC. (and I loved it!)
  • I also served with the Department of Defense in Baghdad, Iraq (that’s right, don’t mess with me :) )

Fun stuff:

in 4 words: fearless, intuitive, foodie, Jay-Z lover.

other notable tidbits:

  • I’ve gone to trapeze school. And yes it was as thrilling and daring as it sounds.
  • I live to connect people. For business or pleasure, making the perfect match is juicy.
  • Ask me about the giant scavenger hunt I put on in South Boston that raised a bunch of money and accidentally turned into an official organization. Results is a habit.
  • In my spare time, I do personal growth training & coaching. I noticed early on in my business that personal blocks are often the BIG things that stand in the way of professional success.

So what’s next, friend?

Well the sky’s the limit. Hell, Jupiter’s the limit. Or whatever is beyond that, even.

Work with me, to see what I mean. Shoot me an email at Or, see what clients say.