Voyeurism 101

What shows up in your digital dressing room?

What shows up in your digital dressing room?What’s in your digital dressing room?

Today’s post is a page right out of my guide: Build a Rockin’ Web Presence WITHOUT a Website.

While the title “Build a Rockin’ Web Presence WITHOUT a Website” targets people who don’t want to build a website for their business, the tips here are as critical for any business as remembering to wear deodorant in Texas.

I can’t say much about other locales, but “pleasantly perspiring” is not a visual any true Texan believes exists. Like a blue Easter bunny. You can’t pull wool over our eyes on that one!

But let’s get back to the business at hand.

I use google more than I use my toothbrush.

I google everything under the sun right before I make a big-ticket purchase, just because I’m bored, and especially when I get a facebook friend request from someone I can’t quite place.

Your potential clients likely give you the same once, twice, thrice-over as they mentally debate how much longer they’re willing to live with the problem you solve before hiring you to help them solve it.

It is difficult to swallow and even think about the results negative personal information could have on your business, but you HAVE to know where it is and what it is to change it at all.

Voyeurism 101 begins now.

Self-Reported Analytics

Take stock of where you exist online now. Think both for your personal use & for your biz.

  • What websites do you frequent?
  • What social media apps and sites do you hound?
  • What does ‘the Google’ say about you?

Take Action Now.

  1. Google your full name, variations of your name, your business, and anything else related to you business.

    What’s on the search page?

  2. If you don’t have one, create a facebook personal profile, Google + profile, Yelp! profile, and LinkedIn profile. These four are the most search engine friendly profiles. 

    If you do have profiles, update them to accurately reflect what you do.

    Make your contact info consistent and publicly visible (check privacy settings for any blocks).

    Use the same photo across all platforms. Branding = recognizability & consistency.

    You want to be available & approachable, like a teeny-bopper waiting to be asked to dance.

  3. Check your reputation online. Search your personal name, any biz partners or employees, and your biz name.

Here’s where you can start to look:

None of this is intended to be snoopy in the bad way, but you want to know that prospective customers could find you via any of the links that show up in these searches.

What’s your reaction?

If you’re not going to take Voyeurism 101 right now (I love that name!), take out your pen or calendar and mark down 20 minutes next week to take a look.

In the comments below, tell me, have you ever investigated someone or something online and discovered unexpected information – positive OR negative?

Share with me what you did and how what you found impacted any judgments or decisions you made.

feelin’ cheeky ;)


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  1. Alex says:

    Thanks for sharing this, I didn’t know about most of these resources. I’m happy to report that across the search programs I seem to have a pretty positive online presence :)

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