My Productivity Secret: Black Tie Bump & Grind


You’re at the (home) office and struggling to get that thing done off your to-do list and onto your DONE list.

We’ve all been there. Staring at the computer screen and willing the cursor to move forward and just finish the project, document, or email for you.

I know how to do this. Why can’t this project just finish itself?! My life would be so amazing with this task off my plate.

Ok, ok.

Just focus.


Ahhhh! If I try to log into facebook one more time I will block it myself.

There’s no reason to get drastic and block facebook. How will you know what’s trending with the world?

Here’s where I go when I’m not being productive and not in the mood to call a friend, meditate, or move onto something else: Songza.

Songza is a music concierge service – the website and app detects today’s date and time of day, and it suggests five scenarios you might be experiencing.

EX: It’s Wednesday afternoon. Play music for:

Boosting Your Energy
Quitting Your Job
Travelling the World
Brand New Music
Exploring New Sounds

Songza has music producers, artists, and experts curate their stations. After declaring your disposition, you’re shown four memorable playlists that fit what you’re feeling.

Songza the perfect mix of technology, with the human touch a true mix-tape master knows is needed.

Here are my choice mixes:

Productivity: Strictly Piano, Working (without Lyrics), Sunset Soundtrack, A Synthy Strut

Groovy: R&B Diva Sing Alongs, Your Own Indie Rom Com, Songs from Apple Commercials, 90’s Bachelor Pad

Just the titles crack me up: Your Own 80′s Training MontageGirl Hold My Earrings, From Pajamas to Party Dress, Pink Polo Kanye

And what’s playing while I’m writing this post? Jazz for Working. Editing? Black Tie Bump & Grind.

I clicked play, and the letters landed on the page vowel-by-vowel.

Whether you’re editing your pantry or your next blog post, there’s a tune in Songza for every temperament.

Now, I want to know: What techniques do you use to get out of a mental slump? Do you have exercises or apps that actually help you get back on your game?

We all can benefit when you share your secrets (me especially), so please share!

your productivity partna’,


p.s. You may have noticed there’s no image with this post. Two reasons: 1) I wanted to see what the post looked like without an image. 2) I have created a page for Free Images! Go check out my favorite inspirational quotes and photos from my own life :)

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  1. Shanna says:

    I totally clicked on the link to Black Tie Bump & Grind, lol! Thanks for the Songza tip!

  2. Jen Greyson says:

    Ohhhhhhh! I have a feeling I just found my favorite new site!!

    Thanks for posting about it.
    Music is such a big muse for me — I’ve been know to write for hours with a single song on repeat.

    This morning I was in serious need for some sexified music for this scene I’m writing!

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