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I didn’t want to write a post this week. So, I kind of didn’t.

Instead, I wanted to finish uploading, editing, and launching my e-guide sales page.

It took me all of 4 days to write the dang e-guide and over 2 months to get to now.

This baby’s going on my DONE list ASAP. Because it’s almost Thanksgiving in the United States. Because I said so.

Although you may have a website, how to build a web presence is the number one question I get asked. The info in this guide knocks your socks off – even if you already have a website.

Here’s what one reviewer said:

“I wasn’t sure how I could have used it – I have a blog and a facebook page so I thought I had all my bases covered. Now, I know I wasn’t even close.

Damn. Thank you, reviewer!

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For your creative pleasure, and if you’re dying to see somethin’ new on the blog, click here to see a list of my favorite resources. I decided to collect all my gems and make them public instead of being so stingy.

Your Turn

If you want, scroll down and let me know 1 thing on your to-do list that just has to be on your DONE list before the winter holidays.

I got your back if you got mine :)


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  1. Sarah says:

    I need to finish writing my new program in partnership with a personal trainer (aka my boyfriend!) and plan posts leading up to it’s launch in January.

    • Victoria says:

      Oooh. That sounds like a fun partnership, Sarah. I’m guessing it’s an in-person program? I’d love to work with a team like that.

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