You’re Gonna Buy Another Biz Training Program?: Here’s What’s Wrong

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You’ve been “looking into” an 8-week business program, an e-book, audio training, or even a kick-butt coaching session for a few weeks now.

What’s wrong with them?

Probably nothing.

Except you’ve already bought 4 similar products earlier this year.

Some programs you completely loved, some left you overwhelmed, and some are half-completed.

They’re great products!

But you psychically know what you’re about to buy is likely going to end up on that same digital shelf.

So what do you do?

If you’re me, you flip flop back and forth almost purchasing a product about 5 times.

You review the sales page like a hawk, just LOOKING for a reason to NOT buy it.

You know it’s speaking to you.

business concernsYou might even try to analyze the sales page to learn something from how it’s designed (that’s what you want to learn anyway!), but find yourself nodding and just clicking “Buy Me” because the words are speaking straight to Y.O.U.

 I’m just clicking it to check the price/see what sales program they use/to try the button out & see what happens.

You check your bank account. You pull out your credit card. You will the phone to ring so you get distracted and don’t buy it.

Why do I feel so friggin’ needy and helpless?!

You snap out of it.

Then you sigh, and move the entry called “decide on copywriting program” to next week’s to-do list.


Break the cycle now.

Here are my 5 steps to take BEFORE you buy your next e-book, program, or online course.

(Just in case you don’t really need it)

1) Make a list all formal & informal groups you belong to – business-related or not.

This includes: facebook groups, Rotary & civic clubs, social networks, church or religious affiliations, personal development posses, and the diaspora of former colleagues & mentors.

When I did this, I came up with a list of over 15 groups:
11+ facebook groups
1 in-person biz group
2 personal development posses
1 religious study group (my dad is dead set on me marrying a Jewish doctor, so we head to Torah study when he’s in town)
5 friends & former colleagues I have been “trying to get together with” for the last few months

While all groups of people may not be relevant to your burning business question, the point is to get in touch with all the networks & resources you already have.

I was debating buying a group coaching program two weeks ago actually, and when I listed my groups I saw that I had a new, informal biz group starting up that exact week.

Why not bring my question and issue to that group?

2) Review training you’ve already purchased, with a buddy.

Whether you’re looking at an online course, e-guide, or custom analysis for your biz like Get Customer Clarity, reviewing training with a colleague is a completely new experience.

Like watching  Old School with a girlfriend who hasn’t seen it and a tub of cookie dough ice cream.

You get to relive all the best moments with fresh eyes.

And, when you pick a colleague from your network (#1) you’ll strengthen your network & get valuable feedback from her, as well.

3) Create a folder in your inbox & hard drive for free training & digital downloads. Already got one? Check it!

If you don’t already have a label for your inbox or folder on your hard drive for all the free training you get on a daily basis, start right now.

While I’ve been good at saving these free guides, I’ve been bad at actually using them.

Before you buy your next training program, scan your folders and see if anything could pertain.

You signed up on those lists for a great reason, and it wasn’t to make checking email a b*tch.

4) Revisit your fave websites for FREE RESOURCES.

I often just stick to reading newsletters from my favorite biz superstars, but many of them have free resources or curated content that I’ve missed and are genuinely valuable.

I just launched my favorite free resources compilation last week, but here are some of my favorites.

5) If you’ve completed #1-4 and still feel the itch to purchase, here’s my last SUPER SECRET tip.

You can’t tell anyone I do this, because I’ll probably get in trouble.

The last course I bought, [redacted], I totally went half-sies with a friend on.

She lives locally (#1) and we decided to go through it together (#2), meet up regularly, and give each other feedback.

Knowing I had someone, in-person, who was going through the same course made THE DIFFERENCE between us buying the program or not.*

After all, you know sometimes it’s not the price of a $175 self-study course, but whether you’ll actually make the time to DO THE WORK.

After completing this 5x shortlist, the girl who freaks out with scarcity, neediness, “I’m not good enough” started to fade, and the powerful woman who can effing do this returned.

Your Turn

First, let me know in the comments below if you ever struggle with purchasing products you know you need for your business.

What goes through YOUR head before you purchase or before you DON’T?

We all have our systems for analysis and validation before major and minor purchases. I want to hear yours!

Then, let me know, what courses, e-books, or programs have you bought and never regretted!

Have you taken courses that changed the name of the game in your biz? We can all benefit from YOUR knowledge.



*After writing this I see that technically, we could have both bought the self-study program outright and just done it together. It didn’t occur to either of us at the time, and I’ll totally suggest it next time!

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  1. Anesa says:

    You nailed it. Thanks for the honesty. Glad I am not the only one. I actually love books, information and courses. However, just like developing a habit of buying too many shoes, one can fall victim to throwing cash at every topic of interest in personal development. One of the biggest investments I have made in this sector is Forleo’s Bschool. No, I have not completed the modules or started my own business at this time. But I have connected to so many cool people and I have zero regrets. Another course I could spend more time on is Kate Northrup’s money love. It starts up again soon. Oh, and currently considering Ramit Sethi’s stuff because he is brilliant. Then I also cringe at half read books. A few months back I got loads of amazing material through Mayi Carles Heartmade for very little money. You are right, a folder is in order. So much reading material…someone should pay me just to go through all of it.

    • Victoria says:

      Anesa – half-finished books are ANOTHER area I didn’t even mention.

      For those, I have finally told myself that if I don’t finish a book it’s because I got what I needed out of it for the time being (only because I LOVE books and should have no reason to NOT finish it).

      I haven’t heard of Mayi Carles Heartmade… I will have to check that out! #addittothelist

  2. Elena Lipson says:

    YES! I totally feel you on this. I LOVE so many courses out there. And …um…well…I actually SELL one too. Whoops!. Though I do believe heart & soul that the way I walk through it with you could make for some rocking transformation. But enough about me ;P

    I love your advice and their are so many amazing freebies out there that you can go through before just shooting in the dark for another self-help or business program.

    Making a large purchase can be SO empowering. It’s letting the Universe know that you are ready. That is, when it’s a well thought out commitment and investment.

    p.s. I kinda love your tip about going halves on a program. I know that I don’t promote that one mine…but there really is something powerful about going through it with accountability. I guess that where my one-on-one coaching comes in. But hey…gotta find what works for you.

    Thanks for sharing so candidly.

  3. Christine says:

    Hi Victoria, thanks for your post, it did actually stop me in the 12th hour from spending way too much money this Friday. Reading those sale letters are almost like being hypnotized! I have learned the last week (from taking part in Amber McCue’s 2014 Planathon by NiceOps) that I only should focus on what will narrow the gap between where I am now and my dream, so anything else is a distraction. I see that the courses often leave me confused, insecure and overwhelmed. Why can’t I implement? Why can’t I finish? Actually i am only procrastinating what I very well know needs to be done. Sigh
    That said, there are so many good and valuable courses and programs out there! I have enjoyed Michael Ellsberg Live the Writer’s Life, Forleo’s B-School and I have started Jon Morrow Guest Blogging. Have decided to finish that before I buy anything new!

    • Victoria says:

      Christine, you are so right.

      One of the big reasons I favor accountability systems (signature, custom services) is that what often holds us back in our business isn’t what knowledge we’re missing – but some other fear.

      I sound like SUCH a fru fru coach saying that, but it’s true. For all the strategies I create for clients, I find that implementation is where they get REALLY stopped or worried. So, I’ve started including implementation guides and check-ins as part of the package.

      Knowledge without action is useless!

      And, the alternative is this: if you know you’ve tried to implement things you know to do on your own for a few months or a couple of different times, it’s time to send it off to an expert. Copywriting, website dev, or customer service… practically every-thing can be done by an expert, leaving you doing only the things you love.

      How to know when to buy DIY or Custom Service is an upcoming blog post topic so stay tuned! :)

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